Meet The Teachers

Our professional and enthusiastic staff members provide a broad range of subjects and activities that enable students to make progress in their learning.

Why not take a moment to meet some of our hard working staff.

Ms Donna Wright

Director of Finance
Mr Neil Rigby

Mrs Andrea Candy
Mrs Lisa Shaw

Teaching Kindergarten K3
Ms Emily Pryce

Teaching Kindergarten K4
Mrs Julie Woodward

School Teaching Staff Grade PP
Mrs Deb Pashen

School Teaching Staff Grade 1 
Miss Savannah Wood

School Teaching Staff Grade 2&3
Mrs Siobhan Flood

School Teaching Staff Grade 3&4 
Mrs Louise Lont

School Teaching Staff Grade 5&6 
Mr Adam Keshwar

Specialist Subject Teachers

Mrs Alana Furniss (Physical Education)

Education Assistants
Mr Ray Dickerson (K4)
Mrs Daniela Folini (K3 & Support Programs incl Gifted Education)
Mrs Kaye Etteridge (Education Support Pre Primary)
Mrs Felicity Rodgers (Education Support K4)

Support Staff
Mrs Michelle Godfrey (Uniform and Grounds)
Mr Steve Miller (Casual Grounds)
Mrs Sandra Miller
 (Casual Grounds)

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Phone : (08) 9399 6999

Fax : (08) 9399 6501